About Us

We are a Design Innovation and 3D Print-services company, focused on delivering cutting-edge innovation and solving some of the toughest problems for our clients.

We specialise in Healthcare/Life Sciences, Aerospace-Defence and Automotive/Manufacturing industries.

Additive Manufacturing is about rethinking design and innovating to enhance performance while shrinking the production lead times. Our clients look for expertise support and services to leverage 3D Printing technology for realising their Design/Manufacturing goals. We combine industry-grade 3D-printing capabilities with deep domain expertise in Healthcare and Aerospace/Defence, and offer end-to-end services from Design to Print-manufacturing to Post-processing. 

Accreate Additive Labs offer end-to-end design enhancement and 3D-print services, leveraging our suite of best-in-class software, pre-processing capabilities, highly sophisticated print capabilities on a wide range of materials including high-performance plastics, polymers and metal, and a state-of-the-art post processing centre, to deliver superior and consistent outcomes for our clients.

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