Turbine blade

Complex end-use parts, custom-created production tools, and Design-for-Additive Manufacturing services for Aerospace and Defence industry, are our forte.

Custom-built Jigs and Fixtures

Well-designed and purpose-built tools are a great productivity booster: factory production lines know the right jig or fixture speeds production, are more ergonomic, and offer both increased worker safety as well as cost savings.

Traditional heavy, costly, multi-piece tools that can cause repetitive motion injuries to workers. Any redesign to tool is quite expensive and effort-intensive in traditional manufacturing.





This multi-purpose jig created in ASA helps accurately locate mounting holes relative to other braking components and provide a trim outline to cut a hole for cooling purposes. Courtesy: Stratasys






Accreate Labs' custom-designed and 3D-printed jigs and fixtures help you rise above these challenges and boost productivity.

Our industry-grade equipment can build highly accurate tools and deliver them ready for use within hours of a Design update. Our advanced 3D printing systems, materials and parts-on-demand capability makes it a reliable and cost-effective source to manufacturers.






This jig is used in the assembly of vacuum cleaner. Here a vacuum top cover is placed into the purpose-designed pallet upside down, and accelerating the assembly flow.





Design and Engineering Services

Aerospace-grade component design services at Accreate Labs on Dassault Systemes' Catia V5/3D Experience platform

Aerospace compliance requirements are extremely stringent, while the Defence requires small batch sizes, customisation and demanding production schedules. 3D Printing offers never before capabilities and solves problems which are hard to solve in conventional manufacturing.

Accreate Labs helps aerospace and defence clients achieve custom-print characteristics from a range of material and technology capabilities, and with end-to-end accountability from design to print to post-processing.

We use Catia V5/3D experience suite of design platforms for Aerospace-Defence clients. Our aerospace-grade FAA-approved material such as Ultem 9085 on an Aerospace-proven printer such as Stratasys Fortus 450 MC provide clients with assurance.

Reverse Engineering: 

For out-of-production parts and aftermarket requirements, our reverse engineering experts scan the existing part to generate a highly accurate 3 Dimensional geometry, and 3D model. Further improvement on the model is effected if required and printed on our Stratasys machines for production-grade end use components, in a few hours.