We bring a paradigm shift to patient diagnostics, surgical preparation and healthcare - with advanced techniques in Bio-printing and 3D-printing.

Anatomical Models

Kidney with tumour
Kidney with tumour

Radiology as the mainstay technique for medical imaging, gets a boost with our 3D-printed anatomic models for clinical analysis and surgical intervention planning.

By segmenting radiology images and creating anatomically accurate 3D-printed models specific to the patient, we provide surgeons and practitioners with highly detailed and accurate information of the state of the body part for analysis.

This service is helping our clients in healthcare industry with unprecedented information about patient's organ anatomy, and is embraced by practitioners especially in neuro-surgery, orthopaedics, cancer care (including Liver, Kidney, Neuro, colon, etc.).






Bio-Printing of human tissues



Skin tissue: 3D-printed

Actual tissue of a specific patient is an excellent specimen for establishing patient's sensitivity to drug and its efficacy. Besides, 3D printed skin for use in skin cancer and burn victims, printing of single function tissues, cartilage, cardiac cells and various other tissues using stem cells are exciting possibilities being researched.

3D bioprinting allows tissue engineering with innovative "biomaterials": materials adapted and used for printing three-dimensional objects, usually stronger than the typical bodily materials, including soft tissue and bone.

Accreate Labs is at the forefront of this research and development, to create custom-designed tissue on-demand. We have partnered with some of the leading medical research institutions such as Yenepoya to realise the full potential of this technology with speed.



Implants, Devices, Surgical Aids

Hip implant
Hip implant

Patient-specific implants:

Based on CT scan imaging the patient's bone defects are visualised in 3D by our clinical engineers and a bone loss analysis is conducted vis-à-vis a normal healthy anatomy.

We then design the actual implant based on the ideal positioning and shape for bone preservation and natural integration.

Once approved by the patient's medical team, the implant and the drill guides are 3D-printed to material specifications, and shipped directly to hospital - ready for the surgery.



Cranio-maxillofacial implant
Cranio-maxillofacial implant












Prosthetic arm
Prosthetic Arm

Prosthetics bring a smile back to amputees and help them regain their life. But often they also raise fitment and weight issues especially with growing children.

Accreate Labs has developed a pioneering Next Generation 3D Printed nimble prosthetic arm. Our 3D printed arms are far lighter, possess ability to grasp, hold and release objects effortlessly, without needing switches, buttons or wires, and yet affordable.

With our continued innovation with experts and industry partners we aim to serve patients from all walks of life with a wide range of effective prosthetics.


Image credits: Accreate Labs, Materialise, Kidsdiscover